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2013 25 August

Brocs main thing

There has been no time to show all of what we have been working on, but we are clear on our goals as also we are clear on how much more interesting is to see thinks working than reading.

Since the last year 2012, there has been something like two or three (some iterations are blended!) different prototypes, made to evaluate, understand and design our Brocs main product: a physical object, based on a programmed micro-controller that can generate musical sequences or patterns by connecting one to each other. Something similar to our Licog composer, Blockjam or Tangible Sequencer.

Each of these musical units, have a tone assigned, and when they come into turn, they sound, and trigger all of the connected pieces after a short time, giving a musical time.

Here, a short video of our last prototype:

2012 was a year of learning and developing the program to achieve this prototype that we consider not to be yet ready. This year 2013, we are prototyping and coding harder to finally get a crowd ready object. As we aren't yet ready, you can learn more or actually play with our prototypes by visiting us on Santiago Makerspace, contacting us by facebook, Email, or consulting the project book on Diego Portales University's design library.

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